Mint (In variety) 10.5cm


Range of varieties 

Mints will grow in most conditions but not too dry. Likes damp, moist soil with shade at the roots & sun on the leaves. Will tolerate some shade. Can be very invasive – ideal for containers or in buckets in the ground to restrict root growth.


Control spread into lawns by mowing. Pull up roots regularly to avoid it swamping other plants. Water well in dry weather. Feed when showing signs of rust disease

Parts used

Pleasant smell & taste. Has antiseptic qualities – used as a mouth freshener

Spearmint and peppermint aid digestion. Mint jelly and sauces. Peppermint oil used as a flavoring in drinks, confectionary, medicine, soaps and toothpaste. Tonic, cough mixtures, bronchial trouble, asthma. Cleaning wounds. Gargles and mouth washes. Vermin deterrent – rats and mice dislike mint


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